Another 12 week program done! I really love this one because there were some obstacles along the way. Amber suffers from PCOS a condition many females have to deal with. PCOS has a number of symptoms, one of the most common is it greatly affects insulin levels and weight gain, particularly around the stomach area. Insulin is something I aim to control in my own nutrition when trying to lean down. So I thought I could help. To put it in perspective, Amber was running 52km a week and still not losing weight! Nothing but cardio! A mistake all to common. So I constructed her a nutrition plan to follow along with a resistance training routine and smart cardio. And look how much lifting weights has change her shape!!! That’s right, she didn’t go ‘bulky’. I would also like to thank Amber for trusting me as she hit a wall half way through her program with results, this than allowed me to overhaul the diet manipulating carbs and fats and it worked a treat. Here’s what she had to say-

“I have loved the program and found it much easier than I expected. I have never felt so well in the stomach. I have reached weight I never thought I could achieve with the constant battle with my PCOS and insulin issues. I was also surprised that considering how much I was eating before the program, I found I was eating a good amount of food with the eating plan. It was great to get Dean’s support when I needed it, lots of help and advice along the way”.