Our anonymous mother of two is a perfect example of PATIENCE! She began the program with a 2 month old baby and was breast feeding. I will never compromise the health of the mother and her supply of milk in order to get results. With the oversight of her doctor we tailored a plan accordingly with her calorie intake being higher and suitable to her role as a breast feeding mum. This often can be frustrating for a mother because they want quick results, but there are more important things to prioritise. She composed herself remarkably. With her husband working away weeks at a time and no local support she came across so many obstacles with having children. Children being sick or clingy and time demanding etc. I have to admit I was often in awe with the tasks she was taking on and reassured her that she was showing much greater strength as a person fulfilling these roles as a mother than following some training/nutrition plan to a tee. I reminded her it’s not a race and to take one day at a time. This is only a stepping stone to her long term results. However, that all aside she still lost an incredible healthy 8kg! Showing that you should never give up!

Here’s what she had to say:

“When I started the challenge baby #2 was 2 months old and I was 100% breastfeeding, I was a little worried starting a ‘diet’ while breastfeeding however I really wanted to start getting back into shape. Dean was amazing, understanding and never made me feel guilty for having normal issues that come along with parenting (up all night, sick children, growth spurts etc) he motivated me and didn’t add any extra pressure I already face with a newborn and toddler. Thank you Dean, you have changed the way I look at food and my body for the better! I still have a long way to go but I know with the continued support from Dean I will reach my goals.”