6 WEEKS! Is the amount of time taken for Ben to start getting some strong results. Real humbled Ben asked me for help, to get him on track to build a physique. This is a prime example of the importance of being accurate with your diet even as a “hard gainer”. You still have to build a platform of base macros and add additional calories of the correct source to support building muscle when needed. Too many skinny guys or guys who want to “bulk” just eat whatever they see in front of them and this usually results in a tonne of fat gain, poor micronutrient intake and less then optimal macro breakdowns. The body can only build so much muscle at a time naturally. A accurate foundation is still needed before adding those dirty calories. A tailored resistance training program also gives your body the best chance of desired results. Here’s what Ben has to say:

“I sought Dean’s assistance because like many people I was struggling to reach my health and fitness goals. It wasn’t lack of information that was holding me back but rather too much conflicting information. I had ‘paralysis by analysis’. Dean stripped away all B.S. And got me back on track with a simple, healthy, long term approach to achieving my muscle building goals. Thanks for all your help Dean”