I am so proud of my online client Craig!

In my opinion and experience the hardest body type to achieve goals are ectomorphs with high body fat. These are people who appear skinny but actually have high body fat and very little muscle tissue.

Common problems arise with these body types. This is not a reflection on Craig’s situation, but some issues that usually are present with this particular body type.

  1. They are under a false impression they are healthy. They figure they can eat whatever they want because they don’t put on weight. This usually ends up in eating a majority of junk food and very little nutrient dense food to nourish the body.
  2. After years of being skinny, they eat a surplus of calories over a number of years without any weight training. Their impression or those around them, is that they aren’t gaining any fat. They appear skinny with clothes on but without a shirt it usually reveals they may actually have a higher body fat percentage than most. High body fat around the organs is never a good thing.
  3. The person doesn’t know whether to cut or bulk. They attempt to bulk up in an effort to add size to their chest, arms, shoulders etc, but it usually results in excess fat being stored around the waist easily.

Then they may attempt to cut calories in an effort to lose the body fat around the waist and end up losing too much muscle tissue from other body parts and appear even skinnier.

  1. Any exercise is better than none. But they are unsure where to start and often aren’t training correctly to achieve their goals.

Craig has done incredibly well. I decided it was best to take advantage of what can be achieved in the beginning stages of training. That is the ability to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. This period is usually limited to the first 3-12 months of training, depending on the individual. Craig has done just that. He has lost 11cm off his waist and has no doubt added muscle tissue in desired areas. He also has become a lot stronger too. Now we have a solid base to work from. Craig’s body fat was too high to eat a surplus to begin with. Now we have his body fat down low enough, we can begin to add calories. The focus will be on strength and size and we can manage body fat more easily as we have more percentage to play with. Craig is an absolute pleasure to coach and these results are a reflection of his strong work ethic and desire to learn. I thank him for placing his trust in me.

Here’s what he had to say:

“At the start of this year I finally decided after putting it off for many years I was going to get into building muscle and losing fat. I tried it by myself for a month, trying to eat well and workout on my own accord. Quickly I realised I was getting bored and not knowing if I was making any progress I was losing interest fast.

Then I saw a friend had made some massive results from doing Deans 12 week challenge. So I thought I’d give it a go and have never regretted it.

Straight away Dean’s nutrition plan was easy and delicious, Instead of covering everything in sauce I was actually enjoying the flavours all the meats and veggies give when mixed together. As for snacks and other meals they all taste great and there’s no way I’ll go back to the quick fix junk food I used to eat a lot of. Dean has really opened my eyes and taste buds to how good healthy food really is.

Dean’s workout plans are great, A lot of variety and never too long and boring.

Before I started with Dean I was definitely wasting a lot of time doing exercises that weren’t enjoyable and didn’t give a lot of results.

With Dean’s plan the workouts only got better each week as I got stronger and more energetic. Now they are just part of my busy daily routine and I always look forward to them.

Dean was always there during the 12 weeks to answer any questions, give advice, motivation and monitor my progress. My first 12 week block is over and I feel like it has been more of a lifestyle changer then a “challenge”. I never thought I would be able to get such a big result from 12 weeks and I’m so happy with my body now.

I feel happier, stronger, healthier, more confident and more pro active then I used to be. I am jumping straight into another 12 week block.

After losing excess fat, building muscle and toning up I’m ready to start building some more muscle mass and I’m really looking forward to a different “challenge” this time.

Thanks for helping me to get to where I am Dean!!

I couldn’t have done it without you!!”