Denica is a classic example of why the scales are not the only measurement of progression. For the majority of the program her weight was actually heavier than when she started. But I thank her for trusting me and kept chipping away at it. She is a prime example of how yo yo dieting can really effect you mentally and physically and the possible long term effects it can create on your metabolism. She was able to weight train 3 times a week with no more than 10-20min cardio a WEEK! Resistance training is primary and cardio as a tool! Her boyfriend was also a great support and his results will be posted tomorrow night! Even though her weight was only a 1kg lighter she lost an amazing 19cm from around her body. The goal was never weight loss but to begin repairing her metabolism and creating a healthy relationship with food. Please take the time to read her testimonial:

“For as many years as I can remember I have had a very unhealthy relationship food – skipping meals, cutting all carbs, eating such a minimal amount, surviving on coffee and other liquid calories – and the list can go on. I was too scared to eat anything out of the small amounts I would allow myself for fear of putting on weight – if I ate 1 bad meal, I’d skip the next 2 to ‘even it out’.

After meeting my boyfriend I relaxed on the strictness and it didn’t take long to put on 5kgs purely from actually eating proper meals 3 times a day instead – it may not sound like much but to me it was.

As a result of my silly eating habits of the past 15or so years my metabolism was shot to pieces so this challenge was basically all about mending the damage I’d done – and the amazing Dean was there every single step of the way tweaking and changing my plan sometimes every couple days to get me the best results possible.

The food was delicious and I never ever felt deprived of food and even now the 12 weeks are finished I will still be eating probably the same food on the plan!.

I didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of hours at the gym – I went 3 times a week and never for more than an hour or so which for a time poor person like me is awesome!!!!.

In the beginning I wouldn’t even let my boyfriend take the photos for progress or before shots and now I’m out in the lounge posing it up!

I can’t praise or thank Dean enough – he is a bottomless pit of knowledge and support and I can’t wait for the next 12 week challenge we do to improve on this one!!.”