This is Emma hardworking wife and mother of 3 beautiful kids. She had great success on her 12 week program. 12 weeks aren’t all about fat loss. They are all about the individual and their goals. The only way this can be achieved is by tailoring an individual plan and more importantly coaching them through it and making the necessary adjustments. Which all can vary greatly. Emma has lost only 0.8kg but also loss 17.5cm over 5 points. Clear indication of muscle gain and fat loss. An example why weight shouldn’t be the only measurement of progress. You can even see the huge difference in the pic. Emma was a real pleasure to work with, she always was very active on the group page and brought a positive energy to the team. It has been her hard work that has got her here and a great attitude willing to learn and apply. She now has the foundation of a healthier lifestyle physically and mentally and can continue to build from here. Consistency is the key no matter what life throws at you. Here’s what she had to say

“I have never been very great at sticking to an exercise routine or eating plan…I usually start out strong then lose motivation and consistency very quickly (like a week or two-tops). After my husband completed the plan and I saw his great results, on a daily basis, I really wanted to try the plan to see if I could do it. Not just to see if I could do it physically but mentally too.

I wasn’t looking to lose a lot of weight, my goal was to tone up and work towards being consistent with training and in the end becoming fit and healthy with the ability to sleep before 1am. My alias as Serial Night Owl was in jeopardy!

At first I thought this is ridiculous….I can’t eat all of this but Dean assured me it was normal and kept reassuring me to trust the program and stick to it. He was happy to help out if any changes were needed to switching out foods and included some of my favourites so it wasn’t hard to stick to and I was always full! I’m really glad I did follow his direction, because I noticed changes straight away in my sleep pattern and my concentration and energy levels! Strange since I’m actually doing more physically now, yet have more energy- I can wake up refreshed and not want 5 more hours sleep haha (YAY). I can be a better mum and wife with more sleep and more energy!!

I think being accountable really helped me stick to it and knowing I’d have to check in every two weeks encouraged me when I felt like giving up (many times lol). I loved knowing I wasn’t doing it alone-the group page was inspiring to keep on going and it was great seeing other people’s meal ideas.

I like the way the plan is really tailored to you individually. It works with your schedule and eating habits.

I highly recommend Dean to anyone, whatever your goals are. If you need a boost or a kick start to get you on your way, this has truly helped me more than I imagined. I’m really grateful not only to Dean but also to his beautiful wife Danni, giving up a bit of her hubby when he might have had to help me figure out the macros of a food or explain an exercise, they are a great couple and I wish them all the best in this business”