12 week transformation done! Lifetime of new habits acquired! Meet husband and wife team Gordon (57) and Lorna (50)! So proud of these guys. Proving age is no barrier to turn things around and learn new healthy habits! Lorna lost an incredible 6kg and Gordon lost an impressive 8kg! Gordon had to have his gall bladder removed earlier in the year and was struggling with his weight post-surgery. But with individual custom nutrition and training plans for them both, they’ve made incredible progress and have been a great support for each other! I’m very humbled by their comments. Here’s what Lorna had to say:

The best 12 weeks our life! Gord & I so enjoyed changing our eating pattern. It wasn’t hard in fact we are still following the “rules”. We both feel brand spanking new inside & out. Our clothes are now too big, so we may have to go shopping! We have so much more energy and feel mentally clearer… no foggy tired feeling anymore. It was honestly so do-able. No extra expense for groceries or faffing around with stupid fad dieting. What an education we have had in how to eat, to help support the body’s health. Gord has not taken even one Nexium tablet since he started Deans Divine Discipline. No more 500g steaks for Gord & we don’t crave any sweets and never feel hungry. Thank you Dean for changing our lives. We will be forever grateful for your wisdom. You’re the Miracle Worker. Honestly thanks sooo much 🙂 Gord and I have discussed about how much you have done for us and will be forever indebted. Thank you!