Jared all the way over in Denmark. So proud of my online client and his gains and persistence. An enthusiastic road cyclist he came to me with wanting help towards adding a little mass and making sure he was fuelling his body enough. Immediately we upped the calories as they were too low and no doubt he was burning precious muscle tissue to support the hectic cycling schedule. These were accurately tracked and macros adjusted accordingly, enough to support muscle growth and minimise fat gain. His training was focused around major compound lifts and his strength increases over the 12 weeks were remarkable. He added 2 inches to his arms and there’s no denying the increased back thickness and width and chest growth. This was all done with hurdles along the way Including injuries and vacations away, but to his credit he stuck to it! I’m looking forward to the next 12 weeks, adding to this foundation. Here’s what he had to say:

“Prior to working with Dean I was on a very restricted diet for competing in endurance sports. It was a bit of a mental battle to allow myself to start putting on weight, but Dean was very encouraging, putting the plan into a long-term perspective.

At no point did I feel like I was given a cookie-cutter routine. Everything about the food & workout plan was tailored to my needs. He took into consideration when I could workout, when I usually ate, what kind of foods I enjoyed etc. And when things popped up during the program, injuries, vacations etc., he was ready to help with adjustments, which was a bit help for staying on track.

I’m stoked with the results, and so is my partner! I’ve really enjoyed working with Dean, and I’m looking forward to a new program”