Another 12 week program complete! This awesome effort was my mate Jesse! This is a great example of how the correct science of nutrition and training can reap results. Jesse works in the mines, where he constantly works night shifts along with day shifts, this can really wreak havoc with eating and sleeping patterns. However we customised a plan for him to follow and he’s a great example what can be achieved when sticking to the program! He lost an amazing 20KG! Here’s what he had to say:

“For the past 5yrs I’ve struggled with my weight, eating all the wrong foods and drinking too much alcohol, felt depressed and fatigued all the time.

Things changed for me drastically when a good friend of mine, Dean Gselmann wrote me up a diet and exercise plan customized to my specific body type and lifestyle.

I have gone from an unhealthy 105kgs to a healthy 85kgs over 12weeks and feel great, I have such a positive outlook on life now, energy levels are up and do is my moral… thank you Dean for helping get my life back the way it should be!”