BOOM! 12 weeks completed! I get so excited and proud when I see a client succeed. I can give you the formula but you have to stick to it, and that Jess did! Unbelievable results. Just under 10kg lost and 37cm lost off the body! Including 13cm off the waist! Once again showing the importance of resistance training and not only cardio. Here’s what Jess had to say:

“Thank you Dean for changing my outlook on health and fitness. My decision to do your 12 week plan was the best decision. I not only feel great but have a heap more energy. I have gotten down to numbers I never thought possible and to a weight I haven’t been in years. It’s very motivating when you start to see results and when others also see the results. This is definitely a life change towards eating for me and plan to adapt what I have learnt from you every day. I never found myself hungry during the plan, in fact because I was eating better I was staying fuller for longer. I have also found a new love for weights and the way it has changed the shape of my body! Once again thank you.”