So proud of my online client Joseph. A hard worker and great family man. A few weeks in, he was diagnosed with underlying back and neck issue he wasn’t aware of. He had bulging discs of the c5/c6 and also between c6/c7 neck bones with possible root nerve damage. It was at this point he could of easily given up. He was told basically he can’t do any push exercises! That means no chest, shoulders or triceps! All the muscle groups guys want to build up and enjoy training. But he was determined. Working alongside a health professional in this field we restructured his program around what he could do. He really gave it everything and his mental strength is to be admired. Joseph lost 8.5kg of the right weight! I cannot wait to keep working with Joseph and hopefully soon we can target all areas of his physique as we continue to shed the body fat. I’m very humbled by what he has to say:

“To anyone out there wanting to get the unadulterated, personally customised and most complete health package from a man who genuinely cares for the ‘natural’, pure and all-round well-being of the individual he is nurturing, then Dean Gselmann and the team at Natural Advancement are who you are looking for.

From the first questionnaire, he takes into account any of your scheduling, eating habits, work hours, family commitments, current health status, food favourites, and any other lifestyle practices and encompasses all of these elements into a very well structured, excuse free, nutrition and training plan coupled with timings and scientifically measured quantities according to his vast knowledge and experience in macro-nutrients and natural bodybuilding. Rather than hit you with the extreme (and quite often rebound) super low carb no sugar no dairy diets you see from the notorious TV programs and weight loss shows, Dean eases you into a steady lifestyle change which not only gets your body used to tapering down in quantities and eating times but also eases your mindset into knowing that your body can survive and function quite effectively without having to stuff your face every single meal. His plan is designed for the everyday person, who has lifestyle and family challenges and offers a lot of variety and incorporates your favourite foods by way of snacks, a slight dessert and a cheat meal each weekend. All has a scientific and specific purpose both for your body and for your own sanity as well! Having everything mapped out with times and quantities forces you to pre-organise your meals for the week, which means no excuses and no easy outs with takeaways when you do get hungry.

Along with the challenging and great training program, this holistic method has been a wave of self-discovery, a conqueror of old myths and mindsets and an invigorator to the motivation and self-confidence knowing that more can be done to improve thyself, and also knowing that it is actually achievable. For 10 weeks of the 12 week challenge I was very limited in my training due to a serious neck injury but was still able to breakthrough some major goals and still progress reasonably well considering. I will be continuing with Dean after the challenge, reassessing goals and getting a new meal and training plan to suit new lifestyle situation. Without hesitation I would recommend this overall, naturally healthy and extremely achievable approach to health and fitness. It has been a total revelation to my family and I and because Dean is so approachable and accessible it makes the journey that much easier! Not only that, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and is very affordable as well! Dean is the man!”