Something I probably don’t do enough, is share continued results. Clientele who I continue to coach after their initial 12 week program. It shows sustainability and progression. No rebound weight gain often associated with quick fix diets.

This is Karla completing her second 12 week online package. Her before photo was taken when we first started. Look how far she has come! She has improved even more with her health and desired physique. Karla kept moving forward, with her goal being to look her best, for her upcoming wedding day! We also wanted to keep working towards a more muscular complete physique and her hard work has paid off! She sets a great example of a fit, strong mum, who looks after herself and even more so, her family.

It shows sustainability of a tailored program with regular management. Also….lift heavy weights and cardio is a tool when needed! Something Karla realised the first 12 weeks.

Proof that slow and steady wins the race, a mum with a daily six pack!

Her husband also did fantastic! He made lifestyle changes which resulted in great improvements. Even though being severely hindered by underlying long term back issue that was diagnosed 4 weeks in, he kept to the principles and is now much healthier!

Here’s what Karla had to say:

“Having previously done a 12 week program with Dean that saw me get some incredible results, I decided to take the opportunity to set new goals for myself and take up the challenge again. This time I wanted to increase muscle and strength, especially in my lower body, which is a bit more resistant to change. I am really pleased with the shape my lower body is taking and managed to break a lot of personal bests with the weights. Although I am a bit bigger than before I’m happy that I look more fit, healthy and muscular rather than slim. (Oh and I have an amazing wedding dress to fit in to mid-year)”

“It was a bit harder for me this time as I was working more and wrangling an active toddler mostly by myself during the week as my Partner works odd hours and shift work. I learned I’m stronger than I think, and though sometimes I really loathed working out because I had to fit it in after 7pm the best workouts were the ones I absolutely pushed myself through. Dean was always available to help me out, made my nutrition plan flexible when needed and I think that having someone to answer to is a great motivator for anyone wanting to get started with a lifestyle change. I’ve made fitness become a part of my life, something I just do like brushing my teeth and it’s the single thing I do for myself – it’s therapeutic.”

“My Partner also started with me, and though he did not complete the program he had incredible results and has learned a lot about the importance of eating enough and good nutrition. I think Dean almost died when he saw his previous diet…. He lost 6cm around his waist, 11cm from the rest of his body and lost almost 5kg.”

“Thanks Dean!”