Pocket rocket Kristy. Too be honest the pics don’t justify the changes she has made. We hit a real sweet spot with nutrition from day one that allowed cms to drop everywhere besides her arms (because they grew some more muscle!) but her weight was only a .5kg difference. Her work ethic at training sessions blows me away. Very strong cookie and very hard to break! Seems to do everything with ease! She has done a fantastic job over the 12 weeks. Her consistency with training and nutrition has really paid off.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Thank you Dean for your constant support and encouragement throughout the past 12 weeks. I always felt comfortable in seeking Deans advice with any questions and concerns I had, always receiving helpful information allowing me to better my knowledge and understanding. Exercise and eating healthy under Dean’s program has allowed me to gain muscle, tone and feel more confident myself. I never found myself hungry on this plan actually eating healthy and exercise has increased my energy levels and kept me feeling fuller for longer. Thank you again Dean! My advice to anyone thinking of doing Deans program, stop thinking and do it, he knows his stuff you won’t regret it!!!”