Who has been on a “diet” only to put the weight back on a few months later. Sound familiar?

Who remembers Lisa my first transformation? Her pic is in the top left from the first 12 weeks. Well I’m proud to say she is in even better shape than before. Lisa is a great example of living a healthy balanced lifestyle. I want to thank her for putting her full trust in me always, even when dealing with “opinions” from others. Her results are fantastic! Here’s what she has to say:

“I have just finished another 12 weeks of healthy eating and exercise designed by Dean and I honestly couldn’t be happier! I’ve noticed even more changes and I am feeling really happy with the results I am still achieving. Because of this I have already signed up for another 12 week program and am looking forward to what the next 12 weeks will bring.

One major thing that I have found with starting this program is that I am EATING MORE than I was when I wasn’t losing any weight! – even eating next to nothing before starting my first 12 week program with Dean. Actually, when first given my eating plan I struggled with all of the food he told me to have (so I’m definitely not starving myself). Thankfully I’m now eating heaps and have found that my body can handle a greater amount of good quality food. I can’t really call it a diet, since it’s more like a healthy eating plan, but it is one that I really do think I could live on indefinitely. It’s fantastic. Thanks Dean!”