Hey everyone this is Mel! A busy hard working mother and wife. Mel decided to start working with me to try help her stubborn problem areas. As soon as she came to her first one on one session we were able to begin correcting her lifting techniques which allowed us to begin heavier resistance training and effectively target particular muscle groups. She also had the commitment to follow a home workout routine customised for her and continue to attend a great local mother’s boot camp. Mel was always great with her nutrition and ahead of the game with planning around upcoming events. She speaks on behalf of so many women who aren’t comfortable with their own appearance and lack confidence but constantly have people say she is perfectly fine. Whilst people’s intentions are genuine and trying to reassure, it’s about the individuals feelings and what they want to make them feel better provided it’s a HEALTHY goal. She now looks and feels even better! Here’s what she had to say:

“I need to start by saying that Dean knows his stuff!

I’m a mum to two young children, I work part-time and life is generally crazy, running from one thing to the next, whether it’s kids activities, workout sessions, kindy drop offs or pick ups, hubby’s sports, or just general day to day goings on.

I started the 12 week challenge, not wanting to lose weight, but shape up, tone up, feel fabulous in my own body and wear anything I wanted and feel great! With Dean’s help, I’ve achieved this goal!

I’m not a big person and have never been in to dieting – I know good foods and bad foods and know that physical activity is required. What I’m not great with is how much, when to eat and the exercises that will work best on the areas that I want to improve.

When I put weight on, it’s generally around my middle, I don’t look too different because it’s easy to hide with a flowing top or dress, avoid anything tight, and nobody knows any different – except me! I was in holiday last year with just my family and spent most of my time on the beach with a towel or shirt over myself because I didn’t want people to see any rolls I wasn’t happy with!

I’d let my eating habits and exercise routine slip in the few months leading up to the challenge and I felt awful, lacked energy and was hiding my body under winter jumpers and pants. I needed a goal and summer was it! I hate my before photo – there’s no way I wanted it to be seen in a bikini!

I now feel that I have the confidence to wear styles of clothes I would never normally go near, to put on a bikini and feel happy in it, to push myself in training – especially with weights (and I feel so strong now) and also have the skills to pick the right types of foods in terms of macros. I feel confident to be able to switch around and cut certain foods at certain times if I want a bit of freedom to have something naughty and not feel like I’ve ruined a whole week’s worth of hard work or miss out on anything!

I can’t believe how simple the changes were that I made, and how I was eating so much food and saw the awesome results and changes to my body!

Like I said, Dean knows his stuff and I would highly recommend you do the program if you want to see change and results!”