9 months of hard work and consistency is paying off! 25kg lighter. Ms Anonymous is an absolute pleasure to work with. A perfect example on what online coaching can achieve when you apply the methods, methods that are sustainable. Methods that are applicable and individualised to you. As you can see lifting weights in the gym as made her turn into a huge juiced up bodybuilder…..ha! She trains very hard. Her routines are basically up there with mine and other males. I’m particularly stoked as the goal this 12 week block was to gradually reintroduce calories and maintain her current condition or we were even prepared to put on a little body fat. This was in order to allow her metabolic capacity to increase after 6 months of dieting down. This the secret in preventing rebound and long term results. She didn’t just maintain conditioning though, she took it to another level again with more muscle development. Slowly diet down and then slowly come back up. None of this 1200 calorie, heap of cardio from day one stuff. People say calories don’t matter. They do if you want the best results for the individual long term. More importantly the macronutrient split matters. A degree of accuracy is required to overcome plateaus. It may take about 12 months of accuracy most of the time with numbers, but it eventually leads to mindful eating and being able to look at a meal or menu and know roughly what the best choice is without fussing over numbers. Something you can learn if you would like me to be your coach.

Here’s what she had to say:

“9 months ago, I would never have believed I could feel and look the way I do now. I was recovering from a bout of major depression, and when I contacted Dean my self-esteem and self-image were at an all-time low. I knew I wanted to lose weight and that I need to improve my health, but I thought I’d always feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, no matter what.

Now, I feel completely different. I’m so happy with my progress, both physically and mentally. I’m not just lighter, leaner and stronger – I’m also more confident and positive. I’ve grown to love my body for what it’s capable of, what it has seen me through, and what it’s yet to achieve.

I’m a former yo-yo dieter – I’d severely restrict my intake only to “fall off the wagon” within weeks and gain back the weight I’d lost through unsustainable methods. But throughout the 9 months of working with Dean, I haven’t had a single “relapse”. Of course, there have been challenges, both physically and mentally, but my progress has been consistent and I’ve never felt that it was too hard, or too restrictive or too unreasonable, like all the other things I’d tried. Instead, with Dean’s support and knowledge, this has become a positive lifestyle change, and one I’m confident in maintaining.

Making the decision to start working with Dean has been absolutely worth it. I lost the weight I set out to lose (and then some) but I’ve gained much more in the process: self-confidence, motivation, strength. (And a love of lifting heavy things!)”