12 weeks! All it has taken so far! Incredibly proud of my online client who wishes to remain anonymous. In my personal opinion the hardest of all body types to work with. ‘Skinny fat’ as it were. Skinny limbs and stored body fat around chest and torso. Finding the balance of having enough calories to support muscle growth but also enough to lose fat is paramount. That is why you need a personalised plan with regular adjustments as needed. You can risk eating too little and becoming even skinnier where you don’t want to be or you can eat to ‘bulk up’ and end up just storing more and more fat. You have to get it right and it can take time to establish this. Not only that, training is equally as important for this body type. Cardio doesn’t cut it. In the before pictures he was playing soccer and training during the week. Regular exercise was happening, but not enough of the right kind. You need to build muscle with weight training! That will change body composition and improve the metabolic rate.

Full credit to this Mr. All this was done with a birth of new little one and the wife having complications, running his own business and renovations! So many reasons to just quit and find excuses. But he just kept doing what he could! Chip away it! Have a plan suited to your circumstances and someone to guide you through the process. We prioritise what’s more important and fit training in around that.

Cm’s loss around the waist, cm’s gained around the arms! Excellent results! 6kg loss in total. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve tried all kinds of diets and had various gym memberships, but I was never able to stick to any of it. And for the past few years, in particular, I’ve wanted to lose a few kilos around the middle while also toning up and putting on a little muscle in key areas. With the 12 week nutrition and exercise program Dean devised specifically for me and my body type, it was actually very easy to stay on track! And most importantly, I will have absolutely no trouble continuing to live a much healthier lifestyle indefinitely. I’ve even enjoyed learning to cook different meals and really consider what I’m putting into my body. The results of the program have been amazing and exactly what I wanted. Thanks Dean for your fantastic support, expert advice and guidance throughout. You’ve changed my life!”