Man I love the results of this 12 week block. It was never about image (although added bonus), but more about improving strength and health. The transformation of my sister Nikki is remarkable. Having a multitude of health problems for as long as I can remember, it was always going to be a challenge. The improvements were such an eye opener on how far she has come. I remember trying to squat my barbell (20kg) for the first time and I’m not joking when I said she almost collapsed a qtr of the way down 1st rep wobbling all over the place. Absolutely no strength or balance to be bluntly honest. It was like starting from scratch, almost like rehab with everything. Now she’s just done 3 sets of 10 with the same barbell 12 weeks later. Her plank has gone from 30sec to over 3 minutes. It was only her commitment to train at home and when she visited me that got her here. Alongside nourishing the body with adequate intake to help recovery. We did have set backs and had to scale back the training even more as recovery is much slower for her than a regular person. But she always did what she could. We will continue to improve from here and build a foundation that will allow further physical changes.

Here’s what she had to say:

“My reasons for starting a 12 week program were a little different than the usual. I wanted Dean’s help to recover from years of being unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My goal wasn’t to lose weight or get a hot bikini bod (that’s just an added bonus, hardy ha ha!) but to be strong and fit. He’d previously helped me improve my energy levels through nutrition and my cardio fitness by walking each day but I didn’t know how my body would hold up with the workouts. I must admit I began to panic when Dean said to me on our first training session ‘warm up, do some walking lunges’…walking lunges as a warm up?? That was a whole workout to me! It didn’t take long for him to see my fitness level and strength were basically non-existent and that we would have to build my body from scratch. It was tough finding the balance between working out enough to make a difference but not working out so hard that I began to be symptomatic. I had several setbacks, but each time I’d tell Dean he’d come up with a game plan to overcome it. Another thing he helped me overcome was the mentality of this being a ’12 week challenge’, I needed to stop comparing my results to others and realise this is a lifestyle change, an ongoing process and I needed to have realistic expectations. I started this program with barely the strength to complete a single wall push up, now I can do 2 normal push ups in a row, which may not sound like much but for me it’s a life changing improvement! I’m so much stronger than I was 12 weeks ago, before I struggled to lift the 2 litre milk carton out of the fridge, now I can easily carry around and lift my nephew without fear of dropping him lol (and he’s no lightweight!) And this is just the start, I’ll continue to work with Dean and focus on getting stronger and healthier. A 12 week program is a great kick start to reaching your goals, I can’t recommend highly enough getting your health on track!”