My man Richard making incredible changes over 12 weeks! Being childhood friends, when Rich approached me about signing up, he had me so excited as I knew the physical and mental improvements he was about to experience. You may have seen his brother Cam pop up on my page in the past. These guys are more like brothers than friends so it’s always good to see them getting it done and making me proud. I appreciate the trust Rich has shown me from start to finish over these 12 weeks. Natural Advancement building hulk backs for life. Check out what Richard had to say:

“My eating habits have not been good for years now. It has been in the last 2 years I’ve noticed my body holding a lot more fat and has been hard to lose. I heard Dean was running a group challenge and made up my mind it was time to learn more about diet, exercise and the processes involved in achieving and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. I can’t speak highly enough of Dean’s approach! Right away everything was customised to suit my individual needs whether it was to do with food tastes, time restraints or any limitations. I really enjoyed the meal plans, and loved how they were tweaked and modified to suit my goals. Never did I get tired of the choices or run out them. Dean has taught me how to have a truly ‘healthy’ approach to my eating habits that is sustainable! I learnt valuable lessons to do with macro nutrition that will continue to keep me on track into the future. In 12 weeks I was able to lean up but also build muscle. I would recommend to anyone who wants to lose fat, get lean or just to upgrade to a healthier lifestyle, get in contact with Dean! You’ve got to start somewhere. A 12 week program is the perfect way!”