I LOVE this 12 week effort by Roz! She’s an inspiration that age is no barrier when it comes to improving your health and physique! I can’t even show you any BEFORE pics, because she literally hated having her photo taken all these years! This example is great, due to the fact Roz was already in good shape. She was going to the gym a ridiculous amount of time each week and already eating ‘fairly’ clean, but had been stuck for years. It shows that a custom program tailored to your needs will achieve results! Roz really changed her shape and lost an impressive 6cm off her waist. Look at those guns too!

Here’s what she had to say:

“I’ve been dieting & exercising on and off for years… With no real progression. But then once I got my customised plan from Dean, I realised that I’d been in fact OVER exercising and eating the wrong things. I’ve gone from 57.4kgs to 53kgs and my body shape has changed totally. Feels great to look and feel like I do now at 60!”