Before I share these results, I should probably mention that 99% of my 12 week transformations I post, involve online coaching. Many people do not live close enough to train with me face to face, so I coach via email and phone. All parts of Australia. Ok! Well I’m super excited to share these results and incredibly proud. This is Sunny, mother of 3. Including a 6 month old baby (3 months when she started). This meant she would be eating even more than usual to ensure first priority was her health and no complications in regards to feeding her baby. Sunny was great because she was keen to learn and kept in contact regularly to stay on track. This included going away for 2 week holidays and weekends etc. We were able to swap carbs around for example when needed so she could still eat out in a social situation and not feel guilty or awkward. But she also made an effort to make healthy meals as regularly as she could whilst on holiday to stick to the plan. Who loses weight on holidays? Someone with a sustainable and flexible diet when required.

Something I continue to do, as I’m learning more, is having my clients eat more food. It’s about long term results and something you can maintain. If people are promising you quick results in 6 weeks or even 12 weeks sometimes, it usually entails something drastic like cutting a large amount of carbohydrates or similar restriction. The tortoise will always beat the hare in the long run, a principle I stick to. The idea is to eat as much food as you can, that still allows you to lose weight. This way you have plenty to work with, if more calories are to be removed or even added. Sunny is a busy mum with a busy schedule, but we were still able to tailor a program consisting mostly weight training in the gym and a little cardio here and there.

Here’s she had to say:

“I started Dean’s program after being inspired by the results of a friend who did his program. I am a mother of three (6, 4 and 6 months) and have always just eaten whatever I wanted and exercised sporadically. After my third child, feeling sluggish and heavy, I really wanted to see some changes in my physique and energy levels and knew that a diet and exercise overhaul were in order. Starting Dean’s program was the beginning of real change for me both physically and mentally. I have been given the tools to know what sort of exercise works and the foundations for healthy eating which have helped me so much. What I didn’t realise before this program is how important healthy eating is to getting results. Now I enjoy a variety of satisfying foods and combined with weight training and some cardio have resulted in me losing over 28cm off my body and gaining some muscle too! I always felt comfortable approaching Dean with any questions/concerns and found him to be very informative, helpful and encouraging. Whilst I didn’t completely stick with the program (2weeks holidays being my undoing!) I look forward to continuing this journey to see further results. Thank you Dean!”