12 weeks done and dusted! Online client Tamika has done a fantastic job improving her health and fitness. As you can see Tamika was already slim in her before photos. But this means nothing if you aren’t ‘personally’ feeling and looking your best. We can always improve physically and mentally. No doubt she would have experienced everyone telling her she doesn’t need to do a thing. But it’s your body your choice. When you begin training and look back how much stronger you’ve gotten, it’s such an empowering feeling!

You can see how much weight training has turned another girl into man right? Ha! Weight training is even more important for a slim person looking to improve their physique. Going for a walk or jogging on treadmill may improve cardiovascular health or even help fat loss but does next to nothing building muscle around the body (which is far more optimal long term regarding fat loss). Also lifting weight is what helps change your shape for the better. Do both. They both have great benefits.

At first she struggled to eat so much food and increase water intake. But this is paramount when you’re improving health and physique, particularly from the right sources. You need adequate fuel for increased energy and performance and also recovery. Jumping on a one size fits all diet, like a 1200 calorie diet would have been detrimental for her body type, goals and health. Tamika only had a 1kg difference over the 12 weeks, but lost cm’s from all the right places plus you can see some of that new built muscle!

I’m super proud of Tamika. She was a real pleasure and fun to coach. Always very happy and up for a joke and laugh but put in the effort when required.

Here’s what she had to say:

“It’s funny, at week 1 I was thinking “How am I going to keep this up for 3 whole months?” Now I’m sad it’s over! The 12 weeks absolutely flew by & what seemed difficult in the first couple of weeks have now just become easy routine!

I’ve always had a slim physique and there have been so many times I’ve wanted to make a change for the sake of health & fitness. But whenever I’d say to someone that I was going to the gym or even when I then said I’m going to do a 12 week challenge, it’s hard to maintain motivation when everyone only replies with “You don’t need to go to the gym!” Or “Why are you trying to eat healthy? You don’t need to lose weight.” Finally in speaking with Dean I found someone who was on the same page & was ready to help! Truth is, sometimes you can’t tell how healthy a person is by their appearance. So in line with that, I was so happy to have Dean keep me motivated & assure me that I will be happy with the results if I keep on track. He kept pushing me to do more at the gym each week & what made me nauseous in week 1, now feels like a walk in the park. The feeling of looking back on what little I could do in the beginning compared to what I can do now, is such a confidence booster! Plus now that I know what I’m doing at the gym, I’ve finally come to really enjoy it!

I’d never say that I enjoy cooking, so going into the challenge I thought I’d have to definitely put more effort & time into preparing meals. I was so wrong! The only thing I had to put more effort in was planning my grocery shopping! I finally know how to cook a balanced meal every night with whatever little time I might have to spare. Dean’s wealth of knowledge about food has completely opened my eyes & now I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to the way I was eating week to week.

If you are thinking about improving your health, strength, eating knowledge & confidence, doing Dean’s 12 week challenge is worth taking the plunge! It’s not only 12 weeks of change, it’s a lifetime of new habits & knowledge. I’m now about to head back to Hawaii with a new sense of body confidence & energy! Aloha!”