First 12 weeks done. This is a cool one because it’s a little different to other body types and gives a realistic perspective. This is Vivian and looking aesthetic! Viv was looking to add a little muscle but did not want to sacrifice his conditioning at this point in time. As you can see, a few years ago he was unhappy with his high body fat % and lack of muscle. He then shed some fat over the years and then hit a wall. Our goal was a macro split to support muscle growth and minimize fat gain. To the UNTRAINED eye he might look very similar. But this is what lifting natural can be like after a few years of training, subtle changes over time. But look at the results happening already, he is 3kg heavier and has added 1cm to his arms, 2cm to his chest and 1.5cm to his legs in only 12 weeks! But what do you notice? His fat gain is minimal, if any gained at all. Waist line pretty much the same. He was consuming and extra 1500cal more a day by the end of 12 weeks! This is due to knowing how to add the correct macros accordingly when needed. This process can also be used for someone coming out of deficit to increase their metabolic capacity and eat more! He met all his nutritional needs and enjoyed the foods he loves. Here’s what he had to say:

“Previous to the 12 week program Dean wrote up for me, I’d been training for a year or 2. While I was seeing results, they were small and slow. Over the 12 weeks, I was working out smarter, eating more and seeing results quicker and lot more noticeable than the entire previous year. The plan was easy to adapt to. Would recommend Dean’s help to anyone serious about getting results, no matter what your goal”